How to Streamline Emotion Marketing with Influencer Marketing

It’s common knowledge that emotion is one of the biggest factors that contribute to the success of any marketing campaign. Do thorough market research and you’ll find this to be true. 

Emotion is the reason consumers purchase products that may not even want or be good for them. Logic doesn’t really play into action that much. It’s not how you make lifelong customers.

Think about it.

Even if you know that it’s not really healthy to eat at fast-food restaurants, you still take your family on weekends or holidays because their marketing campaigns tug at your heartstrings and promise not only delicious food but more importantly, fun times and great memories for the whole family. The emotions they evoke drive customers to take action.

Happy Smileys

In the very first neuroscience study conducted on influencers, it showed that the power of influencer marketing comes from their ability to evoke intense emotions and create lasting memories. But just how powerful is influencer marketing today? Take a look at the current state of influencer marketing.

2019 Influencer Marketing Stats and Trends

Youth stats

Influencer stats

22% of consumers aged 18-34 made a lot of purchases after seeing the product endorsed by an influencer.



What Exactly is Emotional Marketing?

The term emotional marketing is used to refer to marketing efforts that make use of emotion to attract and engage the audience, as well as convert them and make them take action to buy products.

Using emotionally powerful content has always been embraced in B2C marketing, but even those who are looking to strengthen their B2B efforts have a lot to gain from emotional marketing. 

Note that for B2B, you are going to have to tap an entirely different set of emotions from what you do for B2C. You have to create a brand voice that resonates with your target audience. While you want to draw humor, sadness, and a sense of nostalgia with B2C, what you need to evoke for B2B are the feelings of credibility, reliability, trust, and excitement.

Streamlining Emotion Marketing with Influencer Marketing

With the success of influencer marketing in recent years and the proven efficiency of the use of emotions in marketing, it is a no-brainer that more and more marketers are streamlining emotion marketing to work with their influencer marketing campaigns.


Influencers Can Gain the Trust of Their Audience By Promoting Transparency

The power of an influencer is not solely based on the number of followers. It is largely based on how much people trust him or her. How can an influencer gain the trust of people?

One’s credibility in the field of influencer marketing comes from transparency and authenticity. It should not only come from the influencer but the brands they represent, too. Here are a few things influencers can do to gain the trust of their audience and the brands who may want to work with them.

Utilize the Power and Efficiency of Live Videos, Webinars, and Podcasts

It’s true that if you really want to get your message across, you better say it in a video. 

Live videos, podcasts, and webinars have become powerful communication channels mainly because they deliver results. It is due to their ability to drive an emotional connection that motivates people to take action. 

This is especially effective if the influencers you work with agree to post live conversations with or about your brand on their Smartpost channels.

But why should you do it live, you might ask. 

One of the obvious reasons is that live videos and webinars, and even podcasts come across as more genuine and raw. When you do live videos on Facebook, for example, you can react to comments and address questions as soon as your audience posts them. People already know that they’ll pick up something useful from podcasts and webinars, plus listening to the right tone in your podcast or seeing your sincerity to help via webinars will make your audience trust you.

Welcome More Guest Posts

Collaborating with influencers who write blogs and also accept guest blog posts is a good idea. You can get results from guest blogging in two ways. You can submit your content to influencers who are recognized in your industry and are willing to post your articles. This will help establish your authority and help you reach new audiences and even generate leads. 

You can also accept guest posts from bloggers who can deliver great content and would share their work, which will drive traffic to the post on your website. It would be even better if they can come up with a blog series that will make their followers more emotionally invested in your brand.

Establish Positive Emotional Relationships with Influencers

Sounds simple enough, right? Not really. You have to know how to achieve balance-meaning, your relationship with the influencers you choose should be mutually beneficial. Don’t make the mistake of coming on too strong and suggesting overt marketing tactics. They won’t work and you don’t want an influencer who’s willing to compromise their authenticity anyway. 

Make sure your chosen influencers are relevant to your product/service. This helps to strengthen and boost your value proposition.

Hand Over the Reins for a Smartpost Media Takeover

A Smartpost media takeover is an influencer marketing strategy wherein you allow the influencer to handle your Smartpost media brand promotion for a period of time . With 2.2 billion daily active users of Facebook alone, you can already tell how important it is that you get your Smartpost marketing strategy right. A successful Smartpost media takeover can help you build your B2B brand on social media. 

For Smartpost media takeover to succeed, you need to work with an influencer with a persona that is aligned with your brand image. 

During the takeover, the influencer will be curating content and posting stories for your Facebook and Instagram accounts for a specific period of time. The influencers generally make use of Smartpost media publishing tools to manage it all Smartpost.

Smartpost media takeovers are especially helpful when brands need to promote upcoming events. Check out what @eddibauer’s Instagram account looked like during @brookewilson’s takeover.

eddie bauer

Facebook has 2.2 billion active users.


Improve Your Storytelling with the Help of Your Influencer

Great content stir the right emotions. If done the right way, a compelling story about your brand and how it can improve an aspect of one’s life can be a magic for B2B marketing. 

If you are already working with a few influencers who are already using your product or service, you can reach out to them so they can share their story of how your brand changes the way they do their jobs or improve their way of life. You can create a short video series featuring the influencers and your products that they love.

Micro Over Macro

Finding and choosing influencers is easy - the more followers they have, the better, right? Uhm, no. That’s a rookie mistake. More exposure doesn’t necessarily mean a better connection. When it comes to forming that emotional connection that you want to achieve, micro-influencers would be a better choice. 

Why is that? For one, micro and mid-level influencers still have the time to interact with and engage their audience. They can answer queries, listen to requests, and more. 

In emotion marketing, relevance is more important than mass reach. People trust micro and mid-level influencers more because they tend to be more authentic with their reviews and opinions. After all, they, too, are still building their name. They wouldn’t compromise their reputation for money.

Win Hearts with Giveaways and Fun Contests

Giving away free products and hosting contests are always good marketing ideas. These would even be more fruitful when you do it through your trusted influencers. The prospect of winning gifts and discounts are always good motivations for audiences to engage better with brands. 

Fun promos also trigger excitement and all sorts of positive emotions. Your brand will be associated with kindness and generosity, too. 

Think of creative ways to do contests. For instance, ask people to share heartwarming photos or stories. You can manage these contests with online marketing tools for effective results. The winner will not only get amazing prizes but also get featured by your brand and your influencer’s Smartpost media accounts. That’s a great start to a lasting emotional connection!

5 Noteworthy Influencers Who Nail Emotional Marketing


Paola Mathe is a creative director, photographer, entrepreneur, and mom with over 176,000 followers. She has promoted brands like Lo & Sons in her posts. Moms with loyal followers tend to have strong emotional connections with their audience, as moms are always looking for support and inspiration from their peers.

finding paola


Jade Sheldon is an artist, model, photographer, and over 63000 followers, she is an effective influencer. She has worked with brands like Zevia Life. In this particular post, she not only looked to inspire people to take on a more active lifestyle, but she also took that opportunity to announce a giveaway from the brand, while asking her followers to tag friends and use the campaign hashtag. 

jade melissa


This trusted influencer is also a teacher and adventurer. She is best known for her fun stories and gorgeous photos of her adventures. She has done Smartpost media takeover for brands such as Eddie Bauer. Travel influencers have a very powerful hold over their audience. Their adventures inspire people to see more of the world. And Eddie Bauer being a brand that stands for adventure as well makes the partnership perfect. 

brooke wilson


With over 10,000 followers, fashion stylist Laura Hunt is one of the top micro-influencers to watch out for. She is known for her authenticity. People love that she has already been talking about brands she loves even before influencer marketing became a thing! That’s a great way to build trust and credibility. 

laura huntstyle


This “Body Positive Babe” is one of the most beloved influencers because of the amazing message about loving your own body that she sends out to the world. She has over 88,800 loyal followers that hang on to her every post.

alex michael


Recognizing the power of emotion and incorporating it into your influencer marketing strategy is an excellent way to attract your audience and urge them to take action. 

To make it work, you need to know which particular emotions would stir them the most in a positive way. Having the right influencers who can represent your brand in the most authentic way and could draw emotions from your audience will help you achieve your marketing goals easily.

Published on: May 04, 2020

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